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Cookies are small text files sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while user is browsing a website.

At we use cookies in order to make the website easier to use, help determine how well our website is performing and to remember you when you return to our site. More information about the type of cookies that we use on can be found below.

You can choose to restrict or block cookies set on through your browser settings at any time. Please note that certain cookies may be set as soon as you visit this website, but you can remove them using your browser settings. Please be aware however that restricting or blocking cookies set on may impact the functionality or performance of the website.


Cookie Types

Strictly Necesssary

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the use of the features on If you block these cookies we cannot guarantee website performance.

We use these cookies to:

  • Remember selections or information you have entered when you navigate to different pages during your session.
  • Remember whether or not you are logged in
  • Acknowledgment of the cookie notification



Cookie List

 Name Purpose Expiry
Joomla Session Cookie - 32-character string consisting of numbers and letters.  Name: 4d51c1b71ab9c46be0e6057a91c3c727 Used by the Joomla CMS system to manage sessions, remember user state and selections / information entered during the visitors session. End of session
jbcookies Used for the pop-up cookies notice to prevent it popping up every time a new page is visited. 1 Day



How to control the use of cookies

You are not obliged to accept cookies and may modify your browser so that it will not accept cookies. The browser you use may not only allow you to see the cookies in use but may also allow you to control their use. You may be able to control them by allowing them, deleting them individually or deleting all of them. You may also be able to set your browser to not accept cookies altogether. If this option is selected, you should be aware that this website may not function properly. It may be possible to set your browser to not accept cookies and ask for your consent before each cookie is set on your device.  There are different levels of control too. You may be are able to prevent just third party cookies being deployed and your browser may even allow you to block specific companies you do not wish to deploy a cookie, instead of selecting all companies.

In order to manage your browser settings for cookies please follow the instructions provided by your browser supplier for your device.


More information about cookies

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